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Methods wrecker trailer independent suspension adjustment

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-12

When wrecker truck front wheel with McPherson independent suspension, wheel alignment small change of the parameters, in addition to adjustable toe, other parameters prescribed some models can not be adjusted, and some models are specified can be adjusted. Common adjustment location and adjustment method is as follows:

① change knuckle and control end positon of arm outer. Loosen the knuckle ball stud bolts and control arm, the left and right lateral movement of the ball pin and the knuckle, you can change the camber. Loosen the bolts on the left and right lateral movement of the seat, you can adjust the camber, the trailer which uses this structure.
② change on the elastic strut bearing position. Bearing on the elastic strut suspension is bolted to the vehicle body, trailer, which uses this structure.
③ change the steering position of the upper section. The resilient legs from the lower end of the coil spring and shock absorber composed by upper and lower upper knuckle bolt and fixed, wherein the eccentric cam bolt through the two together. Rotation of the eccentric cam bolt can rotate so as to drive the upper section of the steering left and right lateral (A direction) to move, thereby changing the camber.
Wrecker truck is made of a double-acting shock absorber, coil springs, suspension column welding parts, cushion, rubber dust cover and other components. It features shock absorber rod as part of the suspension system and play the role of the kingpin, the spool moves up and down within the cylinder as the kingpin of the damper body is connected with the seat pillar steel spring break, especially in the main piece broken, due to lack of elastic and other reasons, the vehicle body is skewed. When the front side of the main leaf spring break sheet, body in a cross-body plane inclined; when the rear side of the main leaf spring break sheet, body tilted in the longitudinal plane.