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Methods of Bulk feed trucks reducing rust

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-11

As a bulk feed truck manufacturers in Hubei Chang Jie Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., on the owners to provide some suggestions, I hope for your car can be helpful. Bulk feed truck will not be able to travel to some bad road, and now the spring is the season of rain and more water, the bottom of the body and some places or the floor of the car are more likely to accumulate moisture, long wet weather It will allow these moisture in the car in some places. So always check the car cover I humidity, such as carpet and some other textile fabrics, and to prevent the floor parts of raw embroidery.

Bulk feed transporters to go through a variety of different environments, feed cans to contact all kinds of feed, feed transport vehicles are carried out on the surface of a certain anti-rust treatment. But this also represents us in the use of the process can be used at random, we in the process of the bulk feed truck care, can greatly increase the life of bulk feed truck.

If the raw rust is not very serious, we can solve the driver friend, you can use the kind of very small water sandpaper gently wipe the water after the rust, but do not arbitrarily grinding Oh, to the same direction of the linear grinding , A good wipe after a good primer coated like, if it is the latest scratch, you can wipe directly after the primer, and then sandpaper to its water polished, if you do not have the original paint can With a paintbrush pen, which can handle some small scratches, if too striking or too much of a place that is the best car beauty shop.

The surface of the bulk feed truck is often subject to some accidents, collision ah, scratching and the like, some bouncing up the small stones will make the paint some fall, a long time without going to reason, then there will be Health Rust, and these places are relatively inconspicuous, so the car to be checked regularly.

Remove the above-mentioned methods for the maintenance of the car, drivers usually have to pay more attention to other drivers did not mention the area.