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Meeting keep refrigerated vehicle daily maintenance of common sense

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-27

China manufacturer refrigerated truck

Van Refrigeraterd truck

1. Before shipping, to advance to the pre-cooling goods and car.
Cooling units temperature after charging products, the highest temperature of the products or high temperature condition, around a car is maintained directly in the car, the products will increase car cool to the difficulty of the predetermined temperature, before shipping, so make sure precooling goods and car.

2. During charging, keep the fluid air-conditioned car in circulation.
In order to maintain the equilibrium temperature of the car, should pay full attention to the model location of assets, and is not able to load that has been sent to the top of the car, also not allow the export of goods to block air conditioning and entry, or is in the middle of the carriage of goods it will not due to airflow, easy to rot,.

3. The loading and unloading of goods quickly.
refrigerator truck compartment door opened, and the flow of outside air will flow into the box body, will result in a temperature range body, affecting the quality of products, and increase the operation load of refrigeration units, increase the fuel consumption; Therefore, the loading and unloading of the goods quickly, and should make refrigeration units to stop working at this time.

4. Take special care to send fruits and green vegetables
Compartments air conditioning circulation is bad, if the goods in the middle of the temperature will rise, so it is easy to damage the green, the quality of products such as fruits and vegetables, so pay special attention to make air conditioning circulates fluid balance. In addition, about export products air conditioning, they are easily damaged due to the air conditioning so you must use the article as the duvet cover goods in advance.

5. The compartments must be kept clean in the body.
If the goods of salt, fat and other chemicals are attached to the body wall or the outer door, not only health, but also compartments corrosion, shorten the life of the car, so be sure to always keep clean in compartments.

6. Respect the proper maintenance of the system.
Cooling system of the vehicle must be in accordance with the requirements of the manual carefully to maintain and proper maintenance. In addition, the vehicle must not be commonly move to make, and for general cargo.