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Material of mobile sales truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-04

China mobile sales truck picture

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For customers who bought the van for the sale of iron plus carbon steel frame welded truck sales are not familiar, but just add carbon skeleton of the glass material just listen to salespeople talking about, so today small Song, a sales manager here just to tell you about the glass material currently most current international car companies mainly roof, fiberglass body skin for RVs, and even the car floor and so on. Of course, there are some companies use iron. This paper will be based on applications currently on the market for car glass plate to explain the product.

With respect to the advantages of iron, glass and steel where?
Using iron do truck sales, the biggest drawback is the body weight of the car body large, easily deformed by external impact, poor maintenance.

China mobile truck supplier 

By hail iron body after impact

From a business point of view, the use of FRP sheet has the following several advantages: 1, machining operations easier; FRP can be made into any color, no additional painting, reduce the process. 2, the surface of the glass plate with a gel coat layer, with good weather resistance. The painted aluminum there is a risk of peeling paint. 3, the use of fiberglass reduce body weight (iron density of about 7.87g / cm3, and the density of the glass plate is approximately 1.35g / cm3). 4, in terms of thermal insulation of the vehicle body, the low thermal conductivity of glass fiber reinforced plastic, better insulation properties. 5, maintenance more convenient. Once the fiberglass body panels damaged, repair is easy. 6, non-corrosive FRP plates, metal plates or pitting corrosion will occur.

Why should we use steam Chang Jie special fiberglass to make?

Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. as a national large car modification industry, constantly innovate and forge ahead, to high-quality quality to win the majority of user acceptance, fiberglass plus carbon skeleton is much larger than the cost of production plus iron cost carbon skeleton, we Cheng Li special Purpose Vehicle will not give up because the price is high quality, product quality is always the first place.

Recently, as my sales staff, there are customers still do not trust fiberglass, then we sell truck manufacturers also introduced a carbon steel frame welded iron plus sale of trucks, users can rest assured purchase

Why do so many companies do not have glass fiber reinforced plastic material it?

Many enterprises size is not large, the production has not yet reached 100 truck sales volume, while Cheng Li sold a year of truck manufacturers will be able to achieve sales of 1,000 units, small businesses with costs to make the sale of trucks to a large FRP , truck sales a fiberglass mold opening and probably more than ten million, if the amount of the production capacity of less than one, it is not worth so many companies choose directly add iron to produce steel skeleton truck sales.