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Maintenance of oil tank truck in autumn.

  • Author:fuel tank truck manufacturer
  • Release on :2016-04-16
Maintenance of painting cover. In autumn, there is so much dew in air, and if the tank body scratches obviously,we need to paint it in time, in case of corrosion cause by damp.
It rains much in summer, and the rain contains acid which will cause erosion of painting cover, so the truck body is hard to be avoid by oxidization. And the ultraviolet radiation is not only harmful to human, but also to truck body. Even though drivers do much about sunscreen protection, the painting cover will also get harm by ultraviolet radiation. So, during the season changing time,it’s necessary to maintain the truck by cleaning, polishing, waxing and glazing.
Maintenance of heater pipeline and air fan. It gets colder during autumn, and it will frost when temperature is low. Then you need to pay special attention to whether the air outlet of defrost works normally, and heat enough or not. If problems comes up, you need to solve it out in time,or it will bring troubles to drivers. And we need to check these parts regularly to see if there are sundries which need blowing away by air compression. Besides, when the engine is in state of cooling, we can use hydraulic giant to clean those parts from inside to outside.
Maintenance of engine compartment and brake. During autumn, we need to check brake oil,booster pump oil, gearbox oil and anti-freezing solution regularly, to make sure that they are enough, good and not need to change. These oils to trucks like blood to human, if they are out of period,we need to change them immediately to keeping the smoothly circulation of oils.