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Maintenance of fuel tank truck paint

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-24

Fuel tank truck paint maintenance knowledge is actually very complex. Although the fuel tank truck paint looks smooth, but the surface has a small concave and holes, the
proposed new car to do a glaze or coating treatment. Under normal circumstances, the coating is longer than the sealing glaze, sealing glaze effect in about 3 months to six
months, coated in more than six months, it is recommended in a certain period of time also need to seal the second glaze or coating. Conventional items carried out in a car wash shop are polishing and waxing. However, these two in the coating or sealing glaze under the premise to do, because always waxing or polishing, is equal to the thickness of the consumption of paint, the paint gradually thinning, loss of luster, there are small scratches.

There are also many maintenance points on fuel tank truck paint to be paid attention to

First, avoid using duster or dry cloth directly wipe the paint, water washed to the surface of the dirt after the car with a clean absorbent cloth wipe clean, should not be dried after the flushing itself.

Second, parking should be considered to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially white and non-metallic paint.

Third, to reduce the number of car wash, try not to polish the vehicle waxing.

Fourth, pay attention to guano and other corrosive things in a timely manner.

Fifth, the attention of the fuel tank truck driving to reduce the corrosive to the larger areas, such as the beach, spread over the snow melting agent of the road, the new shop asphalt road.

Sixth, after the summer running speed should be promptly cleaned in front of the tanker hit the insects in the carcasses, if not cleaned in a very short time will be inside the fuel tank truck paint corrosion.