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Maintenance of fire trucks and car performance maintenance tips

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-07

We usually say that the car maintenance, mainly from the car to maintain a good state of technology, to extend the life of the work carried out in the car. To sum up, there are three main:

First, the fire truck body maintenance. Body maintenance, also known as car beauty. The main purpose is to remove the car body and the body of oxidation and corrosion, and then to protect, as far as possible highlight the car "beauty." It mainly includes: car paint maintenance, cushion carpet maintenance, bumper, skirt maintenance, dashboard maintenance, electroplating process maintenance, leather plastic maintenance, tires, wheel warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine exterior maintenance.
Second, the fire engine car maintenance. Body maintenance is to keep the car young, the purpose of vehicle maintenance is to allow hundreds of thousands of kilometers without car repair, to ensure that the car in the best technical condition. It mainly includes: lubrication, fuel, cooling, braking, carburetor (fuel injector) maintenance.

Third, the fire truck body renovation. Such as the deep scratches of the diagnosis, treatment, multi-material bumper repair, wheel (cover) of the Mishap repair, leather, chemical fiber materials renovation, engine color renovation.