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Maintenance methods of liquefied petroleum gas storage tank(LPG storage tank)

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-17

Liquefied petroleum gas storage tank in life, many industries have chosen to use it, which is a professional to store the types of liquefied petroleum equipment, liquefied petroleum gas storage tank in accordance with the volume of the container can be divided into fixed volume storage tank and the activities of the volume of storage Cans of two categories, a large fixed-volume liquefied petroleum gas storage tank support spherical, small will be processed into cylindrical. Active volume storage tank is called collateral gas tank, commonly known as gas cabinet, the geometric volume can be changed, closed tightly, not to leak, and balance the pressure and the role of regulating the gas supply, the pressure is generally not more than 60mpa. Today, we together and liquefied petroleum gas storage tank manufacturers - Hong Yang pressure manufacturers to a simple understanding of liquefied petroleum gas tank maintenance methods it ~
(1) Installation site: The liquefied petroleum gas storage tank should be installed in the high-pressure operating room which meets the explosion-proof requirements. When installing multiple liquefied gas storage tanks, separate them, separate each safety explosion-proof wall, Operating room should have access to the outdoor channel and outlet, when the presence of explosive media should ensure that the equipment well ventilated.
(2) check the equipment after opening the packaging for damage, according to the device model according to the structure of the device will be installed, the allocation of parts in accordance with the packing list to identify. Heating method If you are conducting oil heating, please follow the use of the temperature to buy the appropriate type of heat transfer oil to join, will join the upper part of the jacket to open the fuel port and the upper part of the jacket in the oil level mouth open through the fueling mouth Oil level can be when the mouth of oil, after the oil port twist dead, not to twist the fuel filler port in order to avoid pressure. (LPG tank)
(3) kettle body, kettle cap installation and sealing: kettle body and the kettle cover with a gasket or cone surface and the arc surface line contact, tighten the nut by tightening them to achieve a good sealing effect, tighten the nut Must be angular symmetric repeatedly step by step tightening, uniform force, do not allow the kettle cover to the side of the tilt, in order to achieve a good sealing effect, tighten the main nut shall not exceed the specified tightening torque 40 ~ 120N.M range to prevent sealing Surface is squeezed bad or overload wear, sealing surface should be particularly care, before each installation with a relatively soft paper or cloth to wipe the upper and lower sealing surface.