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Maintenance Technique of Leaf Springs for Maintenance of Mobile Stage Car

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-11-11

The leaf spring for the stage car, the owner is no stranger to friends, it is to ensure the smoothness of the stage car driving process exists, but also indispensable mobile stage car components. Appears to be such a simple leaf spring, the role of the stage car is not small, but also need to be maintained, the following, Xiao Bian collected some of the early prevention of leaf spring problems and maintenance solutions to the owners and friends know and understand, Pay attention to the details of the use of the process to reduce unnecessary maintenance after the expense.

The first point: frequent use of brakes, will be the vehicle's leaf spring damage. Because the opening of the emergency braking function, the center of gravity of the stage car will be deviated, resulting in leaf spring bending force becomes too large, especially in front of the bomb bar code will appear anti-bow, bending strength exceeds the use of the range will lead to leaf spring fracture. Therefore, the stage car in the process of reducing the emergency brake.

The second point: over the corner where the need to pay attention, because the high center of gravity of the stage car, so the bend will have a lot of centrifugal force, if the corner too much of its centrifugal force will be too large. A direct result of the vehicle outside the leaf spring to go negative, resulting in vehicle deformation. So Xiaobian suggested that the owners, driving the corner must slow down, the best cross-range can achieve both safety and can guarantee the normal speed of vehicles. But also reduce the stage car failure.

The third point: bumpy road slow moving. In the moving stage trucks to the right speed in the road, but also fuel-efficient, our security will be protected. Once the vehicle speed is too fast, especially in the bad road driving, steel plate yellow damage caused by the greater degree. Xiaobian suggest that we should be in the bad road to the lowest driving slow, when the vehicle ditch ahead of slowing down, do not step on the brake over the ditch, resulting in security risks.

The above three points is the owner of the stage car friends need to pay attention in the course of driving in the maintenance of leaf spring also extended the life of the vehicle, why not do it.