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Main structure and working principle of flatbed wrecker truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-06

The main structure and working principle of the one-towed-two flatbed wreckers are as follows:

1, take power devices
Power take-off device from the power take, pumps, operating buttons and other components. The power take-off device and the automobile gearbox connection, drives the oil pump to produce the high-pressured oil, for each working part realization condition movement.

2, Vice frame
Sub-frame for the box structure, the use of high-strength low-alloy steel welded together. On the plate telescopic cylinder front bracket, lifting cylinder bracket beam, arm lifting cylinder bracket, arm lift guide limit plate, etc., through the two lifting cylinder, a rotating shaft and a flat rotary bearing and chassis Connection, with good stiffness and strength, is an important force components.

3, flat
The flat plate is composed of front and rear two flat plates, which are connected by the sliding connection between the flat longitudinal beam and the subframe longitudinal beam, the two flat plates are connected together by the flat rotary pin assembly, the connection is firm and the relative motion is flexible; Floor, can effectively prevent the trailer vehicles in the above skid.

4, winch institutions
Winder by the hoist, hydraulic motors, wire rope, hook composition. The hydraulic motor drives the hoist so that the wire rope is rolled up or pulled out to pull the faulty vehicle onto the plate.

5, luffing arm
Horn arm for the welding of steel structure, even with the arm lift cylinder and arm lift cylinder bracket, with telescopic hydraulic cylinder and telescopic arm. Telescopic cylinder telescopic telescopic arm can be extended or shortened to adjust the fork and the tug of the distance between the tires, locking brackets and tires, you can change the working range of the telescopic cylinder; Tractor driving.

6, fork fork
The fork is composed of a rotating arm, a telescopic arm, an adjusting arm, an adjusting arm and so on, wherein the relative sliding between the rotating arm and the arm telescopic arm is manual, convenient and flexible, and through the relative sliding, The relative positional relationship between the adjusting arm and the supporting arm of the
adjusting arm is also manual, and the longitudinal positional relationship between the adjusting arm and the tire can be adjusted by the relative movement between the supporting arm and the adjusting arm.

7, the toolbox
The toolbox is an all-metal construction and can be equipped with a variety of operating tools and accessories.

8, the hydraulic system
Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, multi-way valve, hydraulic tank and hydraulic pipe and other components.
Piston-driven hydraulic pump, suction from the tank low-pressure oil, high-pressure pump oil, the use of the valve handle, you can achieve winch, luffing, lift, platform sliding, platform tilt and other conditions. A safety relief valve is attached to the reversing valve to protect the hydraulic system from overloading. Wherein the platform lifting cylinder and the lifting arm of the lifting cylinder are connected with a balancing valve at the lower end, and can effectively prevent the hydraulic cylinder from impacting during the downward movement, and play the role of keeping pressure.

The above is the one-twoed-two flatbed wreckers main structural components and various key components of the brief instructions, hoping to give you the road wrecker car faithful
to bring some help.