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Main Points for Maintenance of Chemical Liquid truck in Summer

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-26

Attach a Dongfeng chemical liquid semi-trailer picture

Chang Jie chemical liquid truck manufacturers Tips:
Summer climate change, the car will cause greater damage, so the summer must be on the vehicle maintenance.
1. Protection paint: summer high temperatures, the sun often exposed, the vehicle should be parked with less exposure to the sun where the surface.
2. To prevent tire: summer road temperature is high, should pay attention to good tire inspection and maintenance work, regular check tire pressure.
3. To prevent evaporation: summer high temperature, oil and water evaporation will increase, so must take the tank tightly.
4. Check the brake: more rain in summer, the road is wet, should check the brake system.
5. Spontaneous combustion blew: summer temperatures higher, the case of spontaneous combustion of vehicles in the summer, improper operation or there are hidden dangers caused
by auto ignition of the main reasons.
6. Anti-lubricating bad: high temperature in summer, easy to dilute the automotive lubricants, tumbling and even cause shaft failure. Should always check the quantity of
lubricants, and timely replacement, and do not mix.
7. Air conditioning cleaning: the use of high frequency air conditioning in summer, easy to breed bacteria, when the summer is about to go after the cleaning of air
8. Oil replacement: the summer has passed, the winter is not far away, if the antifreeze or water, then it should be replaced in time.
Chang Jie chemical liquid transport truck manufacturers suggested that the maintenance of the car is the need to persevere, so as to allow vehicles to work better for you.