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Little common sense of winter tankers maintain

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-18

1. The engine oil
North particularly low winter temperatures, winter is especially troublesome season let tanker drivers, if not pay attention to the maintenance of the engine, the engine tanker effectiveness will be reduced. Check the label if a low temperature, lack of availability or deterioration. Winter cold oil is too thick, it will affect the start, but also to increase the mechanical wear and tear. While hot car too thin oil will reduce the lubrication and sealing performance. Choose a good oil tanker engine to maximize conservation, each brand has a corresponding oil, machine oil is not just choose a good psychological feeling good, use a good oil tanker engine optimization also It can help save fuel
2. Battery
Key battery is maintained in winter, if it cannot provide power, tank engines and car circuit system will follow a problem, so in the winter of battery maintenance is necessary. Battery maintenance is mainly periodically check the electrolyte fluid level, check the voltage, current, ensure that the electrolyte level reaches a predetermined height, if necessary, should supplement the battery electrolyte. But no private owners under the guidance of the professionals, do not try alone "understand" the battery, because the battery is sulfuric acid inside the black box !! (Although at very low concentrations, but the touch and have a clear sense of the skin or burning 
3. Brake Fluid
Use brake oil tanker will absorb moisture from the air, after prolonged use, more and more water content in the oil.
There may freeze when cold, this situation is not common, but the occurrence of a serious consequences. Please refer to the manufacturer's requirements, regular maintenance.
4. Preheat
Winter driving should be preheated before traveling. If the tanker does not start after warm-up on high speed, easily lead to early cylinder, journals, gears, tires and other parts wear. In addition, the start throttle tanker rapid warming will increase fuel consumption, damage to the engine. Because the amount of tanker engine wear at cold start is half of the entire amount of wear, warm-up before driving can reduce this wear and extend engine life. In addition, tank gearbox also need warm up. Under cold state, it should avoid multiple start, otherwise it will aggravate the wear of moving parts, reducing overall working life of engine parts or tanker.
5. Cooling system
Are tanker tanks, pumps and belts, pipes, water tanks and other components working properly, if damaged or malfunctions, the best time to repair or replace. Otherwise it is possible for a small pipe, a barrel of waste antifreeze. Especially in some high temperature tanker summer, repair personnel put the thermostat removed, although you can solve the problem of summer to winter, in turn, in short, this is not a good way to solve the problem.
6. Antifreeze
Check whether the lack of liquid tanker, with or without modification, if necessary, replenish or replace. Antifreeze may seem trivial, but the impact on the tanker's very large, ranging from clogging the pipe, heavy corrosion damage to the cylinder. Therefore, carefully choose with caution antifreeze, do not mix one, and second, do not use fake and shoddy products. Also, in general, antifreeze should be changed every two years, preferably with water to rinse before replacing the cooling system. 
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7. Chassis
Seemingly has nothing to do with the winter cold, in fact tanker differential, the transmission gear oil is very thick, warmed by mechanical movement. Winter temperature is low, the label unsuitable gear oil will be solidified, it may damage the gear or seals. In addition to checking the label is appropriate gear oil tankers local temperature, the first start after the winter morning low speed driving for a while, after all, a tanker good habits.
8. Tire
Northern winter temperature is very low, hard rubber tanker tire easily, and thus brittle, easily leak, rolling tires, if the tire still on the road traveling with the trauma, especially high-speed, long time, and gradually expand the wound causing a puncture. Encountered severe tire wear, the tires must be replaced, and replaced with a new valve. Second, we must pay attention to tire pressure. The driver must pay attention to changes in their car's tire pressure, and other different seasons, winter tanker tire pressure plus low thermal expansion and contraction of the reasons, likely to cause deformation of the tread both sides.