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LED advertising truck control system of the four troubleshooting methods

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-31

Malfunction 1: the entire screen of LED advertising truck is not bright or appearing squares
Elimination methods:
1. Whether the control panel is turned on;
2. Whether communication cable is plugged in;
3. Whether to send the card is inserted;
4. Whether data cable between acquisition card and multimedia card is connected well;
5. Receiving card JP1 or JP2 switch position is right;
6. The communication lines inserted;
7. Send the card re-inserted;
8. Data line between good and even multimedia card and capture card and sending card;
9. Adjust JP1, JP2 switch position.

Malfunction 2: The control system can be found when startup LED advertising truck studio.
Elimination methods:
1. The signal acquisition line between COM port and sending data is not connected or the COM port of computer itself is broken;
2. Connect the cable or replace the computer.

Malfunction 3: the entire screen every other sixteen lines of data flash or lit
Elimination methods:
1. Check LED studio setting;
2. Open studio led to open the Debug - Hardware setup (password 168) - system
settings, the row order is set to +0 or +1.

Malfunction 4: the entire screen is shaking or screen ghosting
Elimination methods:
1. Check your computer and large screen between the communication line;
2. Check the card and send multimedia card DVI cable;
3. Send card bad;
4. The communication line re-insert or replace the punch line of the DVI sending card inserted reinforcement or replacement.
The above are LED billboards common control system malfunctions eliminating methods,whihc should be better solved by professional staff addressed in order to prevent operational errors.