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LED advertising car LED display screen to meet the conditions

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-28

High contrast

LED advertising car LED display As the viewing distance, time is long, so the brightness should not be too high, the screen surface color and uniformity is particularly important, while the outdoor environment is more complex, also need LED display with anti-glare design. However, because the LED display is composed of lattice, LED lights, looking, welding defects will affect the visual effects. This birth defect can be solved by using a black light and a black mask.
So as to better improve the contrast of the display; device colloid surface using matte surface design, to avoid the mirror effect of the glue produced by the light reflection, which effectively reduce the reflective interference, so that screen display screen more soft and bright.

High refresh

Car for the LED display is extremely high, the face of the media cameras and video cameras, if the car is very shocking live, but because of the car's LED display refresh rate,
brightness, gray scale and other indicators of non-compliance, photographs Due to water ripples or molars and destroyed, it will be a fatal blow to the brand. Therefore, the choice of high-end car screen LED display refresh rate is about 10000Hz. At the same time, the car has a special video playback, in order to reflect the good display, require a higher degree of color reproduction LED display, rendering the image without any delay, smear phenomenon.

Modeling ability

Folding stitching to bring a wider field of vision, a relatively large display area which requires vehicles equipped with a high modeling ability. Currently LED advertising
trucks to achieve the ± 180 ° arc, round, dislocation and other creative mashup installation of the LED display. This LED display screen emphasizes a multi-purpose and
changeable shape, but also play a better role in brand awareness.