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Knowledge of the transport of dangerous goods

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-03

Road transport of dangerous goods must have equipment to ensure safe transport and handling equipment, with professional dangerous goods management and operational performance drivers to ensure safe transport of dangerous goods.
First, the basic common sense
Cargo vehicles should be wood floor to avoid sparks; iron, if used, should use appropriate protective liner. Automobile exhaust pipe must be insulated and flame flower meaning. Depending on the nature carrying dangerous goods appropriate fire-fighting equipment and strapping, waterproof, loss prevention and other equipment.
Aluminum nitrate application groove, nitric acid waste glass and stainless steel: load, such as tanks (tank) car tanks (tank) material must be suitable for the nature of the goods. Need double door, anti-wave plates, lampshades and other safety devices. Shipping containers, gas cylinders and large movable tanks (tank) of the vehicle must have a valid robust equipment and the corresponding cork.
Radioisotope special transport ship vehicles and equipment must comply with the relevant provisions of the implementation of health and epidemic prevention departments. To vehicles, equipment, processing tools, protective equipment, regular inspection of radioactive contamination, radiation intensity exceeding the pollution, it must be cleaned, disinfected after use to continue.
Adequate safety factor of various mechanical treatment she needs to use more than one third of the general design requirements of load capacity, 5-ton crane at the rated load and driving, should be able to reach 6 tons 7 tons lifting capacity. Ship machinery must be explosion-proof equipment to eliminate sparks. Prohibit the use of tools easy to produce sparks of friction, the tool can not stick with cargo loading incompatible contaminants.
Second, the management system
1. Dangerous goods vehicles Truck Bottled compressed gases and liquefied gas transportation and ventilation equipment must be installed;
2. explosive special transport vehicles, all equipped with standard lead rubber electrostatic drag strip means;
3. Transport Level bottled compressed and liquefied gas for the car, smaller than the length of the barrel size to replace the internal cabin width dimension of transport vehicles to meet the requirements;
4. Transport oxidizers and organic peroxides must be temperature controlled van special vehicle;
5. The scope of dangerous goods tanker transport of dangerous goods will implement the system;
6. Use the full seven-year term (with a driver's license registration day) tankers, tank volume, filled with media allows weight discrepancy, should quit the ranks of dangerous goods.
Thirdly, the certificate
Foreign accounts can not handle dangerous goods Certificate. If the account is local, but also holding the relevant certificate Zengjia more than two years ago.
When the regular driving school can also handle dangerous goods qualification certificate, apply for permits, identity cards, and provide a copy of their driver's license required, silver white color, original certificate (two years), as well as employees of other relevant information .
Certificate of dangerous goods driver's license and company guards road transport by road may be located in person to sign the transport of dangerous goods in the car driving school. Both certificates can not be processed at the same time, they are required to attend training.
After registration, qualified to participate in at least 30 hours of training, vehicle driving, and then by the transportation departments of the municipal organization of the examination of the districts. According to hold quarterly review of eligibility requirements, road transport of dangerous goods.
After passing the examination, three working days of receipt card.
Fourth, configuration functions
Equipped with anti-static fire car chassis.
Transport of dangerous goods flag
For blasting equipment, vehicles and dangerous goods vehicles, the exhaust pipe in front of the vehicle engine, you should install an exhaust spark arrestor. Installed in the exhaust pipe end portion, a motor vehicle exhaust gas cooling, in order to avoid entrainment of Close spark discharge.
Guided static rubber drag strip is installed in the vehicle, capable of static on the ground into the bottom shelf, so that the box is always in the zero position, in order to prevent the generation of static electricity sparks.
Ionization Smoke Detector
Inside the chamber should have a good sense of performance of smoke alarms. When the smoke occurs, smoke detectors should alarm within 3 minutes, the cab built-in alarm, alarm sound intensity exceeds 100 dB of.
Static conductive sheet
It should be in the cargo compartment floor laying retardant antistatic plastic sheet, and the use of static conductive rubber cement, glue evenly, rubber adhesive smooth, tight interface to minimize the gap, and filled adhesives, glues board does not should be wrinkled or twisted.
Blast-resistant container
Blast-resistant container should be installed in the rear compartment. Greater than the wall thickness of not less than 80mm. When you install the container against explosion, vent hole location should be avoided and important automobile chassis parts; material can absorb explosive energy does not burn (or flame) should be loaded sandwich wall
Louver vents
Press the one-time special mold, with rain, ventilation shutters. Vents are installed in the inner wall of the compartment side and corresponding to all the blinds in order to ensure air circulation inside the vehicle.
warning sign
Carton safety precautions should paint, explosives diamond symbol, hazard lights, orange burst of words, such as representation, recognition and other staff, easy to find.
Burglar alarms and protective shell
Compartment Neimeng Pi materials should be flame retardant material ignition does not occur, you can use the non-ferrous material or marine plywood, marine plywood inner surface should be coated refractory coating. Cargo and fire-retardant insulation gap filler material between the external skin, the outer metal skin should be light-colored paint. Another anti-theft alarm system, ensure the safety of the door frame of the vehicle inside.
Five of dangerous goods shall comply with the following conditions road transport:
1. private car ownership more than 5;
2. Special Vehicle technical performance in line with national standards, "the general performance requirements and test methods for commercial vehicles" (GB18565) requirements, the size of the vehicle, axle load and line quality in line with national standards, "road vehicles outside dimensions, axle load limits and quality "(GB1589) requirements, vehicle technology level reached the industry standard" operating vehicle technology classification and evaluation requirements "(JT / T198) provided technical level;
3. Effective communication tool;
4. Use safety regulations in line with the business scope and scale to adapt to the car park. Having transport toxic, explosive and dangerous goods packaging Class I special purpose vehicles should also be equipped with additional equipment, vehicles, personnel and isolated private parking area, and the establishment of clear warning signs;
5. carrying hazardous nature of the goods transported to adapt safety, environmental protection and fire-fighting facilities and equipment;
6. Transport toxic, explosive, flammable, radioactive dangerous goods, should have a tank car or truck, special containers, vehicle traveling data recorder should be installed or positioning systems;
7. special tank vehicles tank should be qualified by the quality inspection departments. Transport explosion, fuel tank capacity of special tank vehicles corrosive dangerous goods dangerous goods shall not exceed the truck can not be more than 10 cubic meters, except tank tank container transport volume of 20 cubic meters;
8. Transport poisonous, explosive, corrosive special tank vehicles Dangerous Goods (Van Truck), Shall not exceed the permissible weight of 10 tons.