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Keep in mind the six tips of mobilesales truck maintenance

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-27

Inadvertently, winter is not far off. The change of seasons, in addition to add warm clothing outside our car should pay attention to maintenance. In theory, the flow of trucks and the sale of other car care gap is not large, but the details of the car faithful according to their actual situation to the corresponding car maintenance:
1. Some soft paint mobile sales truck at high speeds the process of sand particles hit the car body may also cause small scratches. For these vehicles, the body can do to seal the glaze, it can form a network of strong protective film, improve the hardness of the paint, the effect can be maintained for about a year. The coating can also achieve a similar effect.
2. For the bottom of sale truck, it can be chassis armored or plastic sealed, which protects the chassis acid rain, corrosion, protective layer so that the original is not easy to dry, fall off, which can be prevented with pebbles on the chassis of the impact.
3. Mobile sale truck encountered rain and snow, the gap at the bottom of the body and interior floor at all easy to accumulate sludge, if not timely cleaning, this moisture will be hidden. Thus, the inner and outer rims for wheels, doors, trunk bottom corner of the door key hole and the wiper frame moving parts, etc., should always be checked, while maintaining the smooth flow of the doors and body ministries drainage holes, check the car cover humidity, such as carpets, floor to prevent rusting parts.
4. If the corrosion is not very serious, you can start with very fine sandpaper dipped in water gently rubbed off the water rust, but avoid chaos without direction grinding, grinding to a straight line in the same direction. So completely wiped, coated with a layer of primer.
5. Do not park vehicles outdoors or put vehicles on car clothing during windy weather. Because the inner layer of paint will repeatedly beat, especially if the garment within the blowing sand, it will draw numerous road vehicle body small scratches, paint over time will result in black hair. After the sand Do not use cloth or duster to clean the car body direct sand, but should rinse with water, it is also in order to prevent sand duster and rag on scratch paint.
6. Treat with toothpaste. If a new small scars, you can use a circular motion like toothpaste applied to the scratched area. Role is to reduce the scratch mark, to prevent rust.