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Keep breathing smooth engine inlet water truck maintenance of common sense

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-27

6 * 4 Sinotruk howo 14.4m3 three - axis water truck 

Sinotruk howo water truck for sale

Currently, water truck repair specification, there are circuit maintenance, oil and maintenance, but the lack of maintenance of the airway. In fact, airway smooth or not, is a key factor to ensure the water truck power play. A common phenomenon is well known, the old car a new car than a general increase in fuel consumption, and reduced power. Next is the circuit, the circuit has maintained very good, the engine cylinder pressure is also normal circumstances, according to the principle of the engine, the power will not be reduced without increasing fuel consumption. But in fact, the old car will appear also increased fuel consumption, power is declining, this is the different degrees of airway blockage occurred. We therefore necessary airway maintenance. In fact, airway maintenance is very necessary, because the water truck when burning gasoline, gasoline can not be 100% combustion, because the gasoline itself is part of the non-combustible impurities, plus oil depots, petrol stations, transport and storage part of the process of accumulating a lot of impurities, non-combustible impurities passes through the catalytic converter, it is easy to stay in the catalytic converter honeycomb aisles, sometimes a long time will cause clogging of catalytic converters, will resulting in poor intake and exhaust. Reduce vehicle will result in increased power, fuel consumption - just fix the airway, so the car can be solved increased fuel consumption, reduce the power of a big problem, so the airway maintenance in the pipeline. Why have not we been airway maintenance? Because before no effective products worldwide, the maintenance sector can not exhaust airway effective care and maintenance. For a long time, in Europe and America, led many car care products, focused on solving the internal cylinder block coke, sludge, and many more combustible substances do the media, together with the addition of acid and alkali sludge deposits. But in the combustion chamber after completion, the combustion chamber is a gas state passes through the catalytic converters, catalytic converters can not be effectively cleaned, and even deepen the three-way catalytic clogging and poisoning.