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Junk cars use summary

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-24
Garbage truck in everyone's daily life is more common, but different uses of the garbage truck, but also has a different classification. What are the uses of garbage truck?

1, and pendulum arm type garbage car: it was widely of using in school, and street and community and so on of life garbage recycling, is belongs to compared General of garbage bucket, multiple garbage bucket can distribution a car for operation, in each a garbage points Shang placed Shang many of garbage bucket, can for short and long-distance of transport, and has with since unloading of function, hydraulic lift rose Assembly of operation sex. Its performance is also more reliable and secure, stable performance.

2, kitchen garbage truck is mainly used in the hotel's remaining lives, food waste or garbage, is quite high degree of automation of handling waste. Seal, mount, larger capacity, the process of job and good sealing performance, no odor, no sewage leaks, circulated the advantages of better environmental performance, and so on. Load performance, safety and reliability, the engine's power output good mobility.

3, hook loader garbage truck: is mainly used with the hospital, property, streets, garbage stations, vehicle's compartment to prevent garbage collection points, also a car can configure multiple trash bucket for transport, safety, economic performance is relatively stable.

4, sealing the garbage truck is mainly used with refuse collection, transferring three aspects of litter and rubbish, vehicles with dump function, hydraulic operation, dumping of garbage when convenient, is primarily dependent on weight can be automatically removed rubbish. Sealed garbage truck has a better environmental protection, simple and convenient, efficient refuse collection advantage.

5, refuse compression transfer vehicle: it is mainly used in everyday life waste collection and transport of loads. Refuse compression transfer vehicle is enclosed litter box, automatic compression, the garbage dump and sewage will be automatically routed to the tank, can better solve garbage carried by the way, there have been secondary contamination. It has a practical, convenient operation, good sealing performance, occupying an area of reduced waste, safety and so on edge.

6 garbage truck, hanging barrel: is mainly used with large refineries and markets transport soil, sand, ashes, stones used in building materials and so on, its own hydraulic system, lifting oil cylinder has two, hanging down on the. Hang garbage trucks by using high quality steel plates, stainless steel in the home improvement at the bottom floor, so as to better ensure that vehicles in the dump when the smoothness of