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Joined in the ceremony of The War of 100 Net in Wuhan

On 22nd,March,2016, All of us joined in the ceremony of The War of 100 net in Wuhan. It’s a new E-business mode for our company-Hubei Changjie Special Automobile Co.,Ltd to make a new way into the global market. Along with us, there were another 9 companies in different businesses from all Hubei Province. During the time we joined, we were not only learned the present situation about the foreign trade business, but also learned how other companies are doing for their global business. 
We met a training teacher whose name is Daweng and he has rich experience for the SEO to promote our products-special vehicles including Dongfeng 20m3 Tank truck, changjie 45m3 LPG,china 6m3 water truck, China 10m3 Garbage truck,china mobile food truck,8 tons dump truck ,china fire truck and tow truck etc.  After his training, all the joined 10 companies divide into 2 teams, 5 companies are for red team, the other 5 companies are for blue team. We are blue 3 in the blue team. All of the 10 companies launched a PK game for 50 days. It aims to help us to build our own website to promote our own products-Special Vehicles.
Enjoy the day, enjoy the game, enjoy the process of building our new E-Business to promote our special trucks!