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Introduction of sulfuric acid tank truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-12

Sulfuric acid tank truck, also known as sulfuric acid tanker, sulfuric acid chemical liquid truck, sulfuric acid chemical truck, mainly used for transporting corrosive or toxic, sealing requirements of higher chemical liquid sulfuric acid, in addition to transport of sulfuric acid, can also transport hydrochloric acid , Nitric acid, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, benzene, light fuel oil, heavy oil and so on with corrosive, dangerous medium, the tank is generally used in Wuhan Iron and Steel high-quality carbon steel sheet design and professional treatment, can also use stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, aluminum cans, lined with rubber, rotomolding, plastic cans, fiberglass and other materials, according to customer requirements or specific requirements, the choice of suitable material, the steel lined with plastic, carbon steel production outside the tank, tank The internal use of diamond-shaped steel mesh transition, welded to the tank wall, the tank put polyethylene particles, through high temperature heating - cooling - a molding, sealing performance.

Sulfuric acid tank tank body with polyethylene large rotomoulding machine for a whole molding production, with no seams, no leakage, no toxicity, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics, is safe and efficient resistance Corrosion transport equipment. Sulfuric acid tanker is made of high-quality chemical liquid pump, which can be used independently or divided into different positions. The tank can be divided into different chemicals and liquid food. The tank adopts 4mm or 5mm high quality carbon Steel plate or plastic tank (polypropylene) (thickness of 12mm-22mm) manufacturing, in strict accordance with the national standards of tanker production and testing standards, tanker safety performance, stable and durable.

Sulfuric acid tanker (sulfuric acid tank truck) can be customized according to customer requirements 10-25 cubic decay tank or vehicle, can also manufacture 30-50m3 semi-trailer, reliable quality and price concessions.