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Introduction of concrete pump truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-05

Concrete construction process is as follows;
The production of concrete - the transport of concrete - the formation of a concrete conservation.

According to the concrete construction process can be summarized into the following categories of concrete machinery:

1. Concrete production machinery that is concrete mixing plant (building)
Its role is to produce concrete to meet the requirements of the construction, mainly by the concrete batching equipment, weighing equipment, mixing equipment and other components, including concrete mixing equipment that is, various types of concrete mixer can also be used as an independent concrete production machinery.

2. Concrete transport machinery
Concrete transport of sub-level transport and vertical transport, horizontal transport for a variety of capacity of the concrete mixing truck, concrete mixer mixer into the mix, the mixer side of the road, while the mix of concrete mixing tube to prevent the occurrence of concrete Stratification, or in a long time during transport coagulation and hardening. Vertical transport for the various types of concrete pump truck, concrete pump coupled with the appropriate transmission pipeline and cloth device, to complete the construction site of the horizontal and vertical transport of concrete, it can continue to transport concrete to the construction site, the use of pumping concrete can Saving labor, speed up the construction speed and ensure the construction quality.

3. Concrete Forming Machinery
It is a lot of types, according to the requirements of concrete construction can be divided into concrete vibration machinery, concrete block molding machinery, concrete jet machine, concrete road paving machinery, concrete sliding mode machinery.
Concrete curing is to form the mud in a certain temperature of the humid environment hardening, do not need to use mechanical equipment.