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Introduction of chemical liquid truck maintenance knowledge

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-07
Chemical mainly used in loading and unloading of acids, alkali, salt and other corrosive, dangerous media. Chemical liquid transport tanks plastic tanks, plastic-lined carbon steel tank.

General coating anticorrosion coatings of carbon steel using carbon steel inner lining plastic, plastic tanks, or aluminum tanks, stainless steel tanks, glass fibre tanks and so on, to transport goods as a preservative. Aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, aluminum plate and aluminum alloy plate by light weight, plasticity, ease of forming, long life, is a kind of ideal body material. Tank made of aluminum and aluminum alloy plate lower strength and carrying capacity is poor. So, more applicable to the shipment of aviation fuel, concentrated nitric acid, ice, nitric acid, ethanol, organic solvents and other chemical products, and food items, not shipping compressed gases, liquefied gases and decomposition of gas.

1, tank sheet selection: carbon steel rolls lined with plastic or stainless steel plate

2, shell shapes: oval, RADIUS, round

3, chemical pumps: selection of domestic famous enterprises, quality chemical liquid pump

4, features: independence or the warehouse, packing of different chemicals and liquid food

5, set multiple plastic wave baffles, the full adoption of high pressure air sealing detecting, tank strength, steady Center of gravity vehicles carrying safe and smooth.

We all know that chemical liquid truck is a dangerous vehicle, see maintenance that it should not be, there are some maintenance methods are not allowed to:

1, Sun chemical liquid truck washing hurt car paint, car wash after wash body under the Sun soon dried, but also easy to damage the paint, because the Sun, the water formed by the convex lens effect will be that the top of the paint to produce high temperature phenomena, over time, the paint will tarnish. Car washing and waxing well in sheltered conditions, or selected in the cloudy or sunny morning, in the evening.

Chemical liquid truck 2, blind to change tires, tires suitable for European roads in the country are often difficult to have good performance, especially with regard to side impact resistance \"squeamish\", prone to side bags.

3, chemical liquid truck add too much oil, the engine also failed, that is, connecting rod big end crank handle at work will have a vigorous agitation, will increase the engine power loss, may also make increased oil spillage on the cylinder wall, burnt exhaust oil failure. Therefore, oil dipstick should be controlled in the upper and lower lines as well.

4, chemical liquid truck equipment be increased, the pursuit of passenger comfort and luxury right in the car, but many car owners prefer installing various devices in the car, this modification, if not appropriately dealt with, can affect vehicle performance and handling, easy to leave a legacy or influence driving safety.

5, do not use it for a long time or a short car, car costs rising, many car owners began driving less, driving when on holiday. In this way, transmission parts such as engines and gearboxes will often in direct contact with air condition and rust. A good method is to let the car run for thirty or forty minutes every few days. In addition, vehicles for short trips, but easily hurt the vehicle for a long time, time to run long distance.