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Introduction of Hydraulic Control Valve for Water Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-10

Hydraulic control valve of water truck is a hydraulic control system control components for
sprinkler control hydraulic system of the flow direction, pressure and flow. With these valves, the actuator can start, stop, movement direction, speed, operation sequence, the
ability to overcome the load to control and adjust so that the work of the equipment can work in accordance with the requirements of coordination.
Hydraulic valve of water truck by the use and characteristics can be divided into directional
control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valve. These three types of valves
can also be combined according to need to form a combination of a variety of functions of the valve, the hydraulic system is compact, simple connection, and can improve efficiency.
According to the control principle hydraulic valve can be divided into switch (or fixed value) control valve, proportional control valve, servo control valve, digital control valve. Proportional valve and servo valve can be continuously or proportionally according to the
input signal to control the system parameters, and digital valves with digital information is
directly control the valve action, the control The valve can be easily achieved computer control, improve the system's degree of automation. (water sprinkler truck)