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Introduction of Beekeeping truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-04

Speaking of honey, many people think of the first time will be densely honeycomb honey and honey, honey not only beauty beauty, moisturizing the skin, but there are many other
benefits. But in our country, although the spring often see outside a lot of draped tents, the edge of a lot of beekeepers, but the apiculture industry here is not good, the reason is that, first of all, China has not carried out Large-scale mechanization of beekeeping industry, most of the beekeepers or grassland herders as the general chasing the flowers and students. Where there are flowers, where there is a hive. This has led to an increasing number of young people not willing to engage in such business, and the elderly have no energy to move their tents from here to there. In addition, the state did not pay enough attention to this one, the industry has no financial input, such as before, even the specialized beekeepers are not only by artificial breeding bees. Now with the scientific progress is gradually emerging can be used as a beekeeping model - beekeeping truck.

From the picture, we can see that the beekeeping truck is actually a modified version of the transport truck, but after the car compartment from the full closed or semi-closed into a similar to the poultry truck a small cage, This is designed to put the beehive, compared to the traditional use of manpower to transport the hive method, directly with the truck for shipment, is a more effective and fast method. In addition to the adult bee has a dedicated transport vehicles, there are used to nurture the car, the staff in the pick honey and other operations should pay attention to, must wear appropriate protective measures to prevent sting and viral infection. Beekeeping truck is not a lot of brands, the most famous of five signs, a small house inside the car refrigerator, television, can supply the daily life of beekeepers, as well as multi-folding table for easy removal And take pulp and other production activities. Ministry of Transport has also been related to beekeepers who are engaged in beekeeping activities, can be managed in accordance with non-commercial transport vehicles, and the usual transport vehicles are different from the beekeeping industry to promote the development.