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Introduction and daily maintenance of the fire ladder of fire truck

The fire ladder is the important tool for firemen to climb high, rescue or climb over the barrier. The normal 3 types: horizontal ladder, hook ladder and extension ladder
The fire ladder must be in good condition and maintenance regularly
1. After remove the fire ladder from the fire truck, should be put in safety place. For practice, we should find a flat and non-smooth ground. We should pay attention to the balance when stand the ladder. Try to stand the ladder on the exterior wall or firewall in fire fighting. Must use the water to cooling the ladder when in the hot or fire window for emergency. 
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2. Every month or every time finish the fire rescue or practice, check the screw, pulley, hasp iron and joint parts loose or not, ladder step and side panel etc wooden parts break or damage, rope or iron chain break or damage. Fix or change them immediately and check again.
3. Fire ladder should keep clean, it’s not suitable for sunny and rainy, dry and wet exchange. The painting must in good condition, fix the painting problem when you find.
4. The steel part of fire ladder should coat oil to avoid rust. Pulley and iron corner should coat the lubricant oil to avoid the damage.
5. Fire ladder is very heavy, so we must put it flat inside of the room, no standing on the wall to avoid deformation.