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Intake water of fire truck FAQ analysis

  • Author:Fire truck
  • Release on :2016-04-28
Fire truck is one of more important special vehicle, so we have to know its FAQ. Now the most FAQ is intake water, today we’d like to tell you the main reasons as follows:
1. Can not get the water and the vacuum table no figure: the rear inlet water valve open, side inlet water valve open, check valve block, water filter outside of water, inlet water pipe serious damage, scuttlebutt fault or intake pipe block, no water in the water tank of water loop pilot
2. Vacuum figure is low but no falling: exhaust pilot with heavy carbons, the front air pipe of exhaust pilot air leakage
3. Vacuum figure is high, no falling and no water up: the tube of intake water pipe loose or flat, water filter in the sand or block with something, the water level is lower
4. Vacuum figure goes slowly, get water up takes long time: water loop pilot is not smooth, something in water tank, the air pipe is not smooth
5. Vacuum figure shows but disappear soon: inlet pipe of water pump air leakage, the water pump release cock open or not close tight, cooling system cock open or not close tight, pump oil seal or scuttlebutt self air leakage