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Installation requirements of liquefied natural gas buried tank

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-24

Now, our country to strengthen environmental protection, new energy, clean energy, efficient and energy development and use of the inevitable trend of future development. Some cities and towns that are not connected to natural gas are building large-scale liquefied petroleum gas stations, supplying and selling bottled liquefied petroleum gas. Now land is an inch of land, saving land is a rigid directive, so liquefied natural gas tank design and installation of the station is relatively more. Liquefied petroleum gas is flammable and explosive gas, liquefied petroleum gas storage tank equipment manufacturing and installation are special industries, the installation of the specification constraints cumbersome.

Buried liquefied gas station design and installation should meet the following requirements:
1, the site must be selected in accordance with the "Town Gas Design Code", the selected place with a fence after a good, from the nearby buildings such as railways, schools, cinemas or power facilities such as poles, high voltage power station, etc. Requirements. A lot of staff to spend a lot of energy site, looking for a piece of land to meet the requirements of a bit difficult, and finally have to allow building or fire department acceptance, qualified to carry out the next step.
2, the liquefied gas station, including several major areas: liquefied petroleum gas tank area, fire pond, filling room, filling room, anti-static anti-static equipment, the rational layout of these devices not only take into account the safety spacing, more importantly Users daily easy to use, the future transport of liquefied petroleum gas transport loading and unloading semi-trailer operation smoothly. Some lack of design, liquefied gas tankers in the station can not turn around, to a certain extent, to the filling operations cause unnecessary trouble.

3, liquefied petroleum gas buried foundation to lay, many users believe that buried in the ground is very stable, it is not. Buried tank equipment placed on the basis of the production of reinforced concrete, the tank should also do anti-corrosion anti-static work, soil salts and other acid corrosion of the tank heavier. Manufacturers paint is more particular about the first spray primer, and then spray paint, and then anti-rust paint, layers of protection.

4, liquefied gas station gas phase, liquid pipeline are made of seamless steel pipe welding, all completed, subject to non-destructive testing, air tightness testing and other work to ensure that their work smoothly. Installation of quality, but off the gas station in the actual work is prone to security risks.

Our company specializes in the production of liquefied petroleum gas tanks, liquefied petroleum gas buried tanks and other equipment, with gas station design, installation qualification, to undertake related operations.