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Inspection and maintenance of automobile air filter

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-03

Water truck air filter to work properly. Premature wear of the engine can be avoided (abnormal) and maintain the best working condition.

Preventive maintenance of air filters is not an exaggeration. Before the intake air is mixed with the fuel, the function of the air filter is to remove dust, carbon, some water vapor and other debris from the air, ensuring clean air enters the cylinder. Theoretically, about 10,000 units of clean air are required per unit volume of fuel burned. In general, the manufacturer recommends a normal replacement cycle of 48,000 km for regular maintenance of the air cleaner and a routine inspection for every 24,000 km; the recommended maintenance intervals for conservative maintenance are 24,000 km.

The atmosphere contains three basic particle contaminants of different densities, namely dust, residue and carbon particles. On open highways, the dust content is lower than in rural and construction areas. In dusty areas such as construction sites, sand areas, water truck air filter inspection and replacement frequency is higher. In the highway and traffic congestion areas, because the car emissions are concentrated, so the air carbon content was significantly higher. For the inspection of the filter, it should be carefully examined the depths of its folds. Sometimes, the filter appears to be clean outside, but its internal has been very dirty, this time must be replaced immediately.