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In the purchase of concrete mixer truck not only according to the volume capacity to compare price,

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-31

For the first time want to buy concrete mixer truck customers, because of the concrete mixer does not understand, just ask how much mixing a few parties, when we finished the price when the customer will only say too expensive. We can determine the customer certainly do not understand the mixer. When we buy any product is the first to ask the price, but ask the price we will ask the brand and configuration.

As in recent years by the small concrete mixer sought after by everyone, sales are also great, more and more small-scale construction machinery plant in the production of small concrete mixer. In order to reduce costs, in order to maximize the benefits of many manufacturers in the chassis to reduce the configuration, the hydraulic system to reduce the quality or cost savings on steel. With the 6 m3 concrete mixer truck prices may be worse on tens of thousands. So everyone in the choice of concrete mixer at the same time must consult the chassis is the brand and configuration, hydraulic system and steel plate material and thickness, so as to compare prices.