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In spring need to be aware of the garbage truck rust and mildew

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-14

In spring, the weather is warm and humid. Garbage trucks needs special attention in the spring antirust anti-mildew problem!

Why do garbage trucks in the spring will need to focus on rust problems? Because the main part of the garbage truck is metal. Rust conditions have a great relationship with the outside world, temperature, oxygen, moisture affects the speed of rust. When the oxygen dissolved in the water, in the air, oxygen reacts with iron in the water environment, and rust. And the higher the temperature, rust faster. This spring season, high temperatures and moisture. Garbage truck in the spring so that the seasonal nature of particularly vulnerable to rust.

Chang jie garbage truck manufacturer

How to prevent rusting of the garbage truck in the spring problem?

If garbage trucks have been rust problem, needs to be rust on the car out the garbage, do not leave the rust in the car. Rust is a red-brown substance, it is not as hard as iron, it is easy to fall off, completely rust after a piece of iron, the volume can swell 8 times. If the rust is not removed, this cavernous rust easily absorbs moisture, iron will rust faster. The rust out, can effectively slow the speed of rust.

But after rust, we also need to be mended paint and rust, junk metal part of the vehicle is exposed to the air shield, is no longer in contact with air, no air, naturally, will not rust.

Garbage truck manufacturers recommendations need attention in the spring of the second issue of the garbage truck is mildew proof.

Due to wet spring weather made the bacteria and viruses easily, so strengthening disinfection and bacteria work in the garbage truck, cab dry sanitation. When the driver when operating in suction, shoes, clothes, hands will inevitably be stained with splashes of mud and dirt. But after entering the garbage truck cab drivers again, dirt and easy once again glued to the garbage truck's steering wheel, floor mats and seat areas. Dirt in the bacteria, virus reproduction in warm, moist environments such as development, drivers have a lot of damage to the body. In addition to the garbage truck seat gap, pad and other such visible fungi, also concerns some health corner, including filter air outlet, air conditioning and so on, South wet and rainy, car air conditioning pipes more susceptible to bacteria, if not clean, there is a big threat to the health of the person in the car.