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Improve the efficiency of unloading:container dump semi-trailer profile

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-10

Speaking of container semi-trailer, I believe we are not familiar with, but the container dump semi-trailer, people should know not much. Online on the container tumbler semi-hanging basic information, small series asked several trailer manufacturers related personnel with their own understanding, simply to tell you about the container dump type semi-hung, what is wrong place also hope We point out.

What is a container dump truck?
On this small series did not find a textbook-type definition, not only their own summary of the simple, is simply a container with a self-dumping semi-trailer. The structure is mainly composed of container semi-trailer and hydraulic lifting device. It is powered by power take-off device or built-in engine, and can be lifted by hydraulic jack to realize the function of self-unloading container semi-trailer.

Uses: Port container bulk cargo handling
Its use is mainly used in the port of bulk cargo handling and unloading of containers. Compared with the ordinary container semi-trailer, one is more than one unloading function, and the second for the scope of bulk cargo containers, such as coal, iron ore, corn, wheat, feed and other container transshipment and unloading, Ordinary container semi-trailer, the biggest advantage of the high efficiency of unloading goods loaded.

Container dumping semi-trailer used universally
Container dumping semi-trailer as a new type of special semi-linked, the technical content is not high, and now more and more production, compared to ordinary container semi-hung is also a plate and a self-unloading device, Drive hydraulic jack to achieve self-dumping function. Domestic port container dump truck is also very common.

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