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How weekly conservation fire truck inspection

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-18

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I usually stay quiet because the fire  truck in the garage, very little activity, but also because of the special nature of his work, but also to keep it a state of war, so it should take a few days to conduct an inspection to ensure that he was not in attendance during normal conditions, the more the longer life, better performance, it is best to conduct a weekly maintenance checks. Weekly maintenance should do the following:
1. Check the tire pressure is normal, because whether or tank foam fire truck may have played at any time, the car is generally a corresponding accumulation medium, the body has to remain compressed state, so the tire pressure is very important, in case time after a long, tire pressure decreases. Also note that the spare tire case examination.

2. Check each standing tool on fire truck are complete, according to the requirements placed, sometimes after a long time, there may be some components or tools can not reach the desired effect, should be replaced, improper error normal relief work for the best.

3. Check the engine components, the fire truck engine because the engine is the most important part of the power, if he was a problem, it simply will not be able to start work, so be careful to check weekly to see if there are oil spills, leakage phenomenon; belt Zhang Are tightness properly; piping line is solid; the parts oil, coolant adequacy; condition is normal there is abnormal sound like.

4. Check the fire truck lights, the work of ministries and rear lights emergency lighting, fire inspection of alarm is working properly, in the absence of attendance to keep everything well.

5. Check tank and water gun filled carrier interfaces, whether the fire truck pumps are working properly, if there is leakage, the phenomenon is not sealed, if any, should be in time to prevent the fire truck affect the normal efficiency.

Fire truck and clean up 6. cab car table, clean and keep clean, no scratches, corrosion phenomena, if timely repair.

Keep a high degree of fire truck combat, more detailed inspection shall not be ignored, this is a perfect fire fire fighters.