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How to use the road sweeper

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-17

Sweeper trucks are mainly used to clean up the ground and clean environment, special vehicles, together with water sprinkler, garbage trucks, known as the three
Large sanitation models.

For a long time by the relevant state support policies and care, such vehicles do not need to pay purchase tax. Sweepers of the composition: oil-water separator, water separator, dedicated vacuum suction manure pump, volume pressure sweep sweep car should pay attention to A few points:
1. Sweeper truck vacuum pump to work First of all, to understand its working principle, the working principle of the more important is the source of power and stability considerations. Vacuum suction pump work when the sealed out of the air tank, so that the formation of negative pressure, the use of atmospheric pressure outside the tank through the sewage pipe into the tank by suction. Vacuum pump power from the chassis engine. When the sewage pump outside the atmospheric pressure into the tank, the use of air pressure will be out of the tank outside the dirt (vacuum pump continuous working time is generally not more than 30 minutes). Engine through the gearbox, power take-off, transmission shaft to the vacuum pump.
2. After the self-flow valve selection, according to local operating environment, temperature and other options.
3. Sweeper truck vacuum kit selection, pressure capacity and temperature perception. The first domestic kit Junlong production of products.
4. Note sheet quality, vacuum sealing, poor material likely to cause tank deformation and other issues.