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How to use the most fuel-efficient water truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-07

China dong feng 145 water truck picture

water tank truck

It means the tonnage sprinkler sprinkler relatively small, they may be 1 ton, 2 tons, 2.5 tons, 3 tons sprinkler and other tonnage, compared with 20 tons sprinkler are small. Most are small companies with sprinkler, such as planting seedlings base, orchards, fruit and vegetable cultivation round and so on. Small sprinkler water storage is relatively small, but the fuel has not reduced much, do not want to use a small sprinkler spend so much money on the need for fuel-efficient. So, how about a small fuel-efficient sprinkler?

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Fuel-efficient sprinkler method:

First, sprinkler start time try to slow and soft, hanging on to resist the start, when the accelerator pedal to slow, not too fast when families; gear when the vehicle speed to a certain time, the driver can listen to it the sound of the engine, and then a step by step will gradually shift from low speed to high speed elevated position. This can effectively reduce engine warm-up time, so that the fuel efficiency in a short time high. If I had stepped on the gas to accelerate, not only increases fuel consumption, the sprinkler will have harmful effects.

Second, in the winter when the first a "warm up", due to the relatively low temperatures in winter, if we can go out a few minutes to warm up, so that small sprinkler water temperature can be raised again started to reduce fuel small sprinkler consumption, reduce oil but also allow small sprinkler engine, various components are not damaged.

Third, small sprinkler in the process of moving, try to keep high gear drag file, you can listen to the sound of the sprinkler, through its voice to understand the situation of the sprinkler. If you become aware of the sprinkler above the engine, "trembling", it can be appropriate to be blocked, and other water truck speed is high, the gear and then improve. This will enable the fuel rate of value increase.

Small fuel-efficient sprinkler how kind? These fuel-efficient methods we usually use a small sprinkler can be used when the article described, to help sprinkler better fuel economy, fuel consumption will not affect much to the cost. There are currently on the market electric sprinkler appears, it will not use the oil, the use of lower cost, people can choose it.