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How to use the crane of a wrecker tow truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-08

The crane of wrecker truck is used not that frequently to lift a vehicle, and is generally used for uneven terrain or on obstacles on the ground. Its working procedures mainly include the following aspects:

1, select the parking lot. When the wrecker truck arrives at the scene of the accident should
be the scene of the first survey, selected the main car parked points and accident car hanging open space should try to choose a more flat place for parking. At the same time to be estimated by the crane when the actual lifting of the weight, observe whether the crane crane crane within the scope of work, try to make the main car near the crane. The distance between the crane and the crane shall be taken into consideration when selecting the stopping point, including the space covered by the maximum telescopic stroke, the inclination angle and the horizontal radius of rotation of the boom under the premise of satisfying the lifting weight, and removing or avoiding the space required for the rotation of the crane Special measures such as avoidance or power failure are taken for obstructions that can not be removed such as air cables which may be touched.

2, the wrecker into the parking point, hanging neutral, pull handbrake, linked to the second
gear, so that power take over. Operation, control the left and right outrigger legs (behind
the left leg, two stop pins must be pinned to prevent external force to retreat dangerous),
so that the wheel from the ground about 20 ~ 50mm. If the outrigger floor is soft, add the
sleepers to the plug.

3, clean up the towed vehicles. Accidents The car is not allowed to stop, the car cargo and
may affect the lifting of the object should be unloaded to reduce weight, the lifting of the
weight control in the specified range, while reducing the impact of objects on the body
Possibility of danger.

4, select the crane hook in the accident where the car hook, hook or lanyard requirements
must have sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the vehicle itself.

5, out of rotation hanging stop pin, rotating wrecker crane to be crane direction, elongated
boom so that the top of the crane in the crane is the center of gravity (estimated) above the
vertical, lay down the steel cable to be hanging crane. Before hanging and in progress to
connect a good connector, do not allow wire rope twisted. Operation Contraction of the cable height, to be hanging objects balance, uniform rise in order to prevent rollover, when the accident vehicle to a certain height lifting, the rotating boom to empty to lay down. The
crane is not allowed to extend or retract during the entire lifting process. In the rotation
process, we must pay close attention to whether the main car stays to support the subsidence situation and found a significant subsidence should be stopped immediately.

6, the boom of heavy duty wrecker truck can be lifted from a very high point after the lifting of heavy objects, this time not to too much unilateral load and make the vehicle center of gravity out of the safe range, in particular, should pay attention to the rotating boom and wrecker longitudinal center Line at right angles to the state of the state, very easy to load weight is too large and the wrecker overturning. Generally can control crane lifting capacity curve to determine or determine the crane at the time of the force to allow the state.

7, when the completion of the lifting work, the boom should be fully retracted to reduce the
home rotation and lock the rotating seat, reel hinge cable should be neatly arranged. In the
contraction of the cable, pay attention to the end of the hook pulley is coming to an end
when the control handle, do not damage the equipment to pull off the cable or cable bursting wounding. And then all the legs back to reset.