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How to troubleshoot the system pressure is insufficient concrete mixer?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-01

concrete mixer truck manufacturer in China

China Cement tank truck manufacturer

In concrete mixer course, if the hydraulic system fails mixer will greatly reduce the performance of the work, the owner friends only by understanding the cause of the failure of the hydraulic system and to be discharged in order to make troubleshooting mixer back to normal today, Xiao Bian collected for reasons related to mixer hydraulic system pressure is insufficient or completely stress-free, diagnostics and troubleshooting for the owners of friends as a reference to learn.
If hydraulic system pressure concrete mixer appears inadequate or completely stress-free, we can isolate it in turn based on the following aspects:

One, to see if the output of the hydraulic pump hydraulic fluid. If you are new hydraulic pumps, hydraulic oil-free output, there may be a pump casting defects (shrinkage, trachoma, etc.), so that the pressure oil chamber and the suction chamber in communication, loss of oil pressure capability, it is timely to find manufacturers replaced. If it is a new hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil-free output, it may be the steering pump is wrong, badly worn or damaged, promptly replaced.

Second, if there is a hydraulic pump oil output to see the relief valve is working properly. If not normal, it may be one of the oil pressure valve stuck dirt or other reasons, in the oil return position, causing the overflow oil pressure circuit short circuit, it may be loose fittings, or under pressure some of the oil valve leakage serious, or hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motor seal damage, severe leakage.

China Concrete mixer truck manufacturer

Remedy: open the valves for cleaning, inspection seal gap size and a variety of sealing means, the sealing device is damaged should be replaced.

Third, if the hydraulic pump output flow with pressure rises significantly reduced, and the pressure is less than the predetermined value, it is due to the gap increases due to wear and tear after the hydraulic pump.

Remedy: Determination of volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump, the pump can be determined whether to continue to use, badly worn parts should be repair or replacement.

Concrete mixer truck supplier in China

Fourth, if the entire hydraulic system can establish a normal pressure, and some lines or hydraulic cylinder (or hydraulic motor) no pressure, it may be due to the pipes, holes or throttle valve and other parts of blockage. In this case, paragraph by paragraph and check whether the oil pressure through to find out why, to be eliminated.
Should the mixer hydraulic system pressure appears inadequate or completely non-stressful situations can troubleshoot and resolve the above method, let mixer timely return to normal conditions.