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How to solve the problem of low speed when the compressed garbage truck starts

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-22

Special vehicles start, most likely the following situation, the following we use compressed garbage truck as an example to introduce several common solutions to the problem.

When the compressed garbage truck is started, the engine speed of the compressed garbage truck is too low

Cause of the cause of the accident and the solution: Compressed garbage truck starting machine brush with the battery rectifier battery connector loose or lack of electricity. When the battery is low enough to cause the engine speed is not enough, so that the compressed garbage truck engine is difficult to achieve the required speed when starting to lead to difficult to fire. So when the compressed garbage truck battery is not enough time to charge in time.
The driver's friends should also check the wiring of the compressed garbage truck in a timely manner. If the wiring is loosened, it should be tightened in time, bad contact or premature connection of the circuit will cause the top teeth. When the electromagnetic circuit is unreasonable, the starting opportunity will be idle and the gear will not engage. Can not drive the compressed garbage truck engine operation. At this point, the maintenance of the line, if necessary, need to adjust the starter electromagnetic switch under the eccentric shaft, making the gear ring the appropriate distance.

Compressed garbage truck battery to be installed compact, if the brush contact bad, starting the loose joints will sparks. So it is necessary to check the surface of the commutator in a timely manner, if the rugged or loose phenomenon, the need for grinding or brush.

In the cold weather when the start of compressed garbage trucks need to heat the radiator and the oil heating.