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How to repair cement mixer with scratch?

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-23

Lift the cement mixer maintenance, owners tend to first think of the paint and the engine, wheels are the most neglected places. But wheels gave the visual impression that the first appearance, precisely this seemingly obscure places can properly reveal the owner's taste, so equipment cement mixer, don't ignore the wheels.

Dongfeng 3.35m3 concrete mixer truck

Scratch repair? Patch of specific steps has six step: first step, check scars, as no injury to wheel inside, can simple to patch good, using paint diluted liquid, wipe scars around, removal dirty; second step, scraping injury most deep of part hard removal dirty, then available toothpick will it completely lane clean; third step: to prevent errors will has nothing to do of part coated Shang paint, best carefully to will rubber paper posted in scars of around; fourth step, finishing good brush pointed, coated Shang modified paint, paint dry Hou slightly contraction, best coated have slightly protruding some The fifth step, after coating, stay completely dry about a week's time. Dry water resistant paper dipped in soapy water applied, to smooth the surface; the sixth step, wipe with wet-strength paper, wipe out with a mixture of light and then waxed.

When the wheel is difficult to remove stains on the surface, to use professional cleaning, this mild cleaning agent are often able to effectively remove stains, reduce damage to the aluminum surface. In addition, the wheel itself there is a layer of metal film, and pay special attention when cleaning do not use paint Polish or other abrasive materials. Also be careful in driving, avoid scratches to wheels causing "bruising", once you have a scratched or deformed, should be dealt with as soon as possible to repair and repaint.
If deep scars, focus observe the metal surface is exposed, if you do not see the metal will not rust, can be carefully coated with varnish. With the tip of 1.1 points and wait for paint to dry completely. To avoid this phenomenon, cement mixer when I first started using diligent in flushing rim, drove the vehicle at least once a week to wash a wheel, washed with clear water after wet, then scrub with a detergent to sponge, then rinse with plenty of water.