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How to properly use refrigerated trucks for it to get good care

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-04

Large refrigerated trucks pictures and quotes

Refrigerated truck picture

We know that if the refrigerating compartment body is of poorer quality, are not stand the sun and rain, the envelope of easy to damp foam, thereby reducing its service life, the most important thing is easy to make food spoilage;

If we choose the manufacturers of refrigerated trucks refrigerated trucks, foam problem is the need to worry about, because the refrigerated trucks envelope using advanced 16-meter hydraulic pressure ** repression. Car plates inside and outside material made of high quality glass plate, the middle laminated polyurethane foam insulation. Four sides together with a high-intensity natural resin glued together to form a closed section, and when assembled into a car with a high-strength screw fastening. Also adding layers of high-quality glass cloth, after bonding enhances the robustness and thermal insulation properties of the envelope. Selection of high quality and beautiful shape aluminum edging, with all stainless steel fittings. Vehicle envelope: a smooth and beautiful appearance, durability, thermal insulation performance reached the national standard A-level, air tightness and stability are not comparable ordinary refrigerated envelope and has a strong impact light weight, no leakage, etc., life long (more than 2 times the normal refrigeration compartment). By optimizing the design reduces the centroid of the vehicle, increasing the effective volume.

China refrigerated truck supplier

Under the premise of quality assurance of the proper use of refrigerated trucks for to get good care of it?

1, before traveling to check the adequacy of refrigerated trucks of oil, the oil enough to be able to get there.

2. To view the car before driving refrigerated vehicles and whether its battery connected, then make sure the battery wires from damage, but remember to check the adequacy of the electrolyte.

3, the first vehicle with refrigerated trucks To see if there are other problems immediately or no part, if there is sure to troubleshoot, and then travel on the road.

4, before traveling refrigerated trucks to ensure smooth drainage, non-blocking.

5, when the delivery of goods to the car should pay attention to your goods to avoid the evaporator outlet, so that the trunk to keep the cold air circulation, does not have a place to get cool air

6, refrigerated trucks on the road in time to view the coolant is OK, and the display surface of the table pointer should be in the normal range, if the refrigerating fluid is insufficient, the need to replenish refrigerated liquid. Inside the car using ethylene glycol and water mixture is refrigerated to maintain freshness of the goods.

7, with refrigerated trucks when the seat belt should be adjusted to the extent not loose not tight.

8, before traveling refrigerated trucks to check the electrical wiring of the electric wire is securely. There are no wire breakage or damage and so on.

China refrigerated truck manufacturer

In our normal use, the vehicle and the refrigerator is inseparable from care and maintenance. Refrigeration unit is to develop maintenance and repair in accordance with the engine operating time. Care and maintenance of refrigerated trucks refrigeration unit time is 500-700 hours, need to be replaced, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters,; and check the tightness of the belt, there is no cooling system leaks and so on. However, there is some individual brands of refrigeration units in order to meet environmental requirements, to minimize damage to the environment, reducing emissions of harmful substances, and therefore the use of synthetic oil or semi-synthetic oil to replace ordinary oil, thus extending engine maintenance time, usually in accordance with 2000 hours to do maintenance. We recommend buying small refrigerated trucks refrigerated trucks JAC refrigerated trucks!