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How to prevent the mixer oil deterioration

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-17
Raise or mixer oil added to standard, don\'t add too much, otherwise it will increase mixer speed engine operation, and excessive fuel consumption; start mixer to raise or when added to oil, better make maximum and minimum oil level on the dipstick, do not exceed the tick cannot be lower than the minimum axis value.
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Two different brands of mixers of engine oil is best not mixed together, different brands of oil recycling additive differentials are not the same, oil deterioration caused by mixed use.

Each mixer change oil when should also replace the filter, which is mounted on top or stir the bottom of the engine in the car, you can filter impurities mixed in oil to guarantee normal operation of the engine in the mixer.

Take a small amount of oil in the tank bottom into a utensils, then slowly poured out from the mixer, check oil light and viscosity. If the oil can remain slender and shapely, the oil does not contain gum and impurities, and can also be used for a period of time, it should be replaced.

Olfactory stimuli and the smell of oil is spoiled or poor-quality oils, absolutely not.

Winter cold area, mixer oil activities decreased, resulting in a truck engineResistance is increased, this time to cover engine, magistrates or with good low temperature activity of synthetic lubricants.

If it is not changing the oil on a regular basis, will mix the various functions of the engine in the car will obviously decrease or even disappear.

Lubricant after use after high temperature and corrosion of metals, oil oxidation and aging, there will be a film and sludge, sediment, thus affecting the normal operation of the engine in the mixer.

When you changed the oil, pay attention to using oil funnel against oil missing corrupt other parts.

Mixer oil under normal wear and tear of the environment when oil level is too low, add the last of the same brand of motor oil.