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How to prevent sewage suction truck tank sucked deflated

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-27

Web search for related news sewage suction trucks, sewage suction trucks have emerged tank explosion or sucked flat in the incident, although there is the emergence of such events, but the feeling on the matter concerned people are still rare. But for suction sewage truck driver who, after seeing this kind of news, but also there will be people to the idea of purchasing suction sewage truck with some changes, in fact, do not worry, buy regular qualified manufacturers of high quality smoke pollution car is not such a phenomenon has burst. Some owners, in consultation with suction sewage truck details, that they will be transferred to a strong mass of the vehicle body, as some colleagues at the time of purchase of the vehicle, is also carried out several products after price comparison, because there is a suction sewage truck price is cheaper than several other have tens of thousands, in order to save their purchase costs, and ultimately chose the house special low rates suction sewage truck, is ultimately not to the warranty period, there have been above circumstances happened. The last has been to low-cost manufacturers are doing to communicate to shirk responsibility said it was because of improper operation of the driver caused, they do not assume any responsibility, and finally go through a quality inspection by the use of the material is characterized as fundamental non-compliance, manufacturing industry failed. So, when making purchases, how to distinguish good suction sewage truck to tank it is not qualified?

1, need to be inspected under suction sewage truck tank material is not used for qualified carbon steel, under normal circumstances, put the following 6 suction sewage truck steel material is 5 mm, and 6 in the six-party party more steel plates on the use of 6 mm, so some of the black heart of manufacturers in order to better use of cost savings will be used to deal with the use of conventional steel, which would result in the use of the process of the tank vehicles easy there will be a case of being sucked flat.

2, need to look at the middle of the tank inside the suction sewage truck has no lining, the main role of such backing is used to prevent the tank being sucked flat role, once again the need to observe the inside of the rear suction sewage truck Head there is no support, in general, there are six pillars of the pillars of the role is mainly to prevent the deformation of the hydraulic head often closed and opened, the sealing effect Guankou after deformation will occur in the case of dripping, suction sewage truck to affect the normal use. Naturally, in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers will be an important component of the lining and so on will be omitted, so that it will lead to a flat suction tank, tank explosion case appears. Suction sewage truck at the time of purchase, be sure to keep your eyes open to some of the constituent materials and the use of on-site inspections of vehicles