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How to prevent concrete mixer truck engine oil deterioration

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-24

1. Fill concrete mixer truck oil or additions to the standard, do not add too much, otherwise it will increase the mixer speed power machine operation, thereby over-consumption of fuel; mixer car to launch when filling oil or supplement, it is best to make oil level dipstick maximum and minimum scale in the middle, do not exceed the mark nor lower than the minimum scale.

2. The difference between the two kinds of brands of concrete mixer truck oil is best not mixed together, the difference between different brands of additives oil recovery is not the same, mixed use will cause oil deterioration.

3. In the mixer to change the lubricant every time, you should also replace the filter, which is installed at the bottom or top of the concrete mixer truck power machine, you can filter the oil mixed impurities to ensure the normal operation of the power machine mixer.

4. Take the bottom of the tank in a small amount of oil injected into the objects, and then slowly poured from the mixer utensil in the light and checking viscosity oil flow. If the oil is able to maintain slender and well-proportioned, indicating that the oil contains no impurities and glial ,, may also be in use for some time, or should be replaced.

5. olfactory stimuli large and smelly oil are deteriorated or low-grade oil, absolutely not use.

6. winter low-temperature region, concrete mixer truck lubricant activity decreased, resulting in the mixer engine running resistance is increased, this time for the engine cover, should be used in low-temperature activity and good synthetic lubricants.

7. Change the oil regularly, it will use a variety of power machine  mixer functions will be significantly reduced or even disappear.

8. After using lubricants subjected to high temperatures and metal corrosion, oil oxidation and aging will be, there will be a varnish and sludge and other sediments, thereby affecting the normal operation of the power machine mixer.

9. Change the oil, pay attention to the use of oil funnel oil preparedness missing corrupt other components.

10. When the oil level is lower than normal wear and tear enviroment, add the last of the same brand of oil under the oil mixer.