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How to operate the bucket garbage truck correctly?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-17

1, hanging bucket garbage truck operating procedures
   In the purchase of bucket-type garbage truck, the manufacturers of technical departments have to hand the majority of the user to skilled operation of the operation of the barrel-type garbage truck.
2, bucket bucket garbage truck operation
   Hanging bucket garbage truck is powered by the power of the engine, in the gearbox installed on a power take, the power source is to rely on the power to take power, so work should be put on the power take. When operating the power take-off device, the car engine should run idling, first depress the clutch pedal, and then take the pneumatic switch to open the clutch, and then slowly release the clutch pedal, then take the power to start running, the drive shaft also will rotate. Especially to remind the majority of users in the garbage truck normal driving, one thing to remember to close the power switch, to avoid damage to the power and gearbox.
3, hanging bucket garbage truck loading
    After lifting the take-up device, hang the trash can (bucket or plastic bucket) on the rack, and then move to the right side of the car. Load the handle to lift the trash and load the junk into the box. Put down the trash and remove it back in place. After the operation is completed, remove the take-off device by depressing the clutch and closing the pneumatic switch.
4, hanging bucket garbage truck transport
   Remove the take-off, remove the trash, the garbage truck to the next trash can, and then according to the above method will be the barrel of garbage into the garbage compartment, and so on, all the trash cans into the garbage After the car body, the car to the garbage station.
5, hanging bucket garbage truck unloading
   Before unloading to be put on the take-off device, and then to the car under the operation of the unloading handle lifting garbage compartment discharge, to be discharged after the completion of the handle to make the cargo box back, after the completion of the operation off the power take.