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How to operate a motor to fire correctly

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-07

Before the preparation: check the box to bearings and water pump in position of oil, if not enough to be added and close all the release valves and water taps.
Pleasure of the water and the water injection of fire truck:
1 when you use the water of the pool, remove the suction hose, one end connected with the pump suction port and the other end connected to the filter water and in the pond, turn off the water after the butterfly, open the water tap, you can water reservoir water injection.
2. in the use of water in fire hydrant, connect the fire hydrant to the tank of water outside the tank water. The water is directly injected into the water tank.

Firefighter water output: when the fire engine uses the water inside the water tank, turn on the water faucet, after starting the fire engine, continue the following operation:
1. low water pressure. Work of the pump light, open the water valve low pressure to get water at low pressure.
2 water cannon. Work at low pressure, close the water tap to low pressure, open the tap to turn spherical gun, fire can be achieved.

The use of fire trucks should also pay attention
1. after the use of the fire pump, open the pump on the output of the switch of water let go of the water pump, I put water, turn off all switches to facilitate the use of antifreeze next time.
2 in the used pump water from sea, sewage and corrosive mixture of water and foam, the application of water flowing 1 min or more, in order to clean the pump of residues.
3. regular inspection of the bearing oil, such as the surface of the lubricating oil must be added below.
4. After using the pump to fire in winter, then the piston pump runs several times, so that the residue of row of pump piston to prevent water ice.