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How to maintain the radiator of the concrete mixer truck?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-20

The concrete radiator of the concrete mixer truck is a very critical part, the following to introduce several use and maintenance methods.

1. The radiator should not be in contact with any acid, alkali or other corrosive properties.
2. It is recommended to use soft and hard water to be softened after use, to avoid causing the heat sink internal clogging and scale generation.
3. In the use of antifreeze, in order to avoid corrosion of the radiator, be sure to use regular manufacturers and in line with national standards of long-term anti-rust antifreeze.
Do not damage the radiator (sheet) and bumps the radiator during installation of the heatsink to ensure heat dissipation and sealing.
4. Radiator completely re-water injection, the first engine block to open the water switch twist open, when the water out, and then closed, so as to avoid the blisters.
5. In daily use should always check the water level, to stop cooling after the water. Add water, the water tank cover slowly open, the operating staff should try to stay away from the body to prevent high pressure steam oil spout caused by burns.
6. In the winter to prevent freezing caused by the phenomenon of core, such as long-term parking or indirect parking, the water tank cover and the water switch, the water will be released. (Dongfeng 6m3 concrete mixer truck for sale)
7. Standby radiator effective environment should be kept ventilated, dry.
8. As the actual situation, the user should be in 1 to 3 months on the radiator for a complete cleaning of the core. When cleaning, rinse with water to the side.
9. The water level gauge should be cleaned every 3 months or as the actual situation, the parts removed with warm water plus non-corrosive detergent cleaning.