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How to maintain the main parts of our Fire truck?

 Fire truck, it is one of special vehicles and its mainly job is guarantee our life and fortune.  Daily maintenance is very important and can help us to prolong the life time and reduce the problems.  Hubei Changjie fire truck producer will tell you the main parts need to be maintain regularly as follows.

1. Equipment box : check the water inside, check the flexibility, distortion or damage of the curtain door, the slide groove of the door has the oil or not, add lubricating grease if necessary.

2. Power takeoff and dive shaft: check the oil level and oil quality of power takeoff, add or change it if necessary.

3. Pump room:  check all the parts complete or good in work,  any water or oil leakage inside and the problem source, change or clean them if necessary

4. Cabinet: check the alarm lights, alarms and all electricity, switch, insurance  and safety wire in good work not not. Change or fix them if necessary

5. Tank:  In condition of full load of extinguisher for many years, so it must be has corrosion to the tank. So check the tank regularly, fix the corrosion part immediately if you find the problem.