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How to maintain suction sewage in summer

  • Author:changjjie
  • Release on :2017-04-24
The focus of summer maintenance is on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, batteries and brakes as well as tires. The local maintenance of common sense to understand, even if there is no special presence of the master, the owner can do their own hands for the vehicle to do some basic checks, care of their own car.

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Air conditioning is a very frequent use of components in summer and is most prone to failure. The most common fault in automotive air conditioning systems is refrigerant leakage and poor cooling.

Refrigerant leakage is usually caused by the aging of the sealing apron in the pipeline, the abnormal pressure of the refrigerant, the damage to the system components and the like. After the leak has been repaired, the refrigeration oil must be replenished and the system can be evacuated and filled with refrigerant. The refrigerating machine oil and the refrigerant must be of the same quality as the vehicle required. In many of the poor cooling failure, the most common air conditioning system is poor heat, the need for maintenance of the project is mainly the cleaning of the condenser and cooling fan working conditions.

At the same time, check whether the cooling effect of air conditioning and factory when the same indicators, is a maintenance air conditioning will do a project, which is the diagnosis of air conditioning is "healthy" an important part. According to Changsha Deshun and Hunan million by car sales company's technical staff to Mazda 6, for example, the standard cooling effect is 6.3 ℃ to 8 ℃, beyond this range, whether it is high or low, said the air conditioning system There is a problem. Another important part of the air conditioning system - air conditioning filter can effectively filter the dust, pollen and bacteria in the air, to prevent pollution inside the air conditioning system. With an activated carbon coating of automotive air conditioning filter, but also to kill bacteria in the air and inhibit bacterial regeneration.

However, if the air conditioning filter deposited too much dust, not only will affect the filtration effect, but also will reduce the air throughput, inhibit the cooling performance. Therefore, in the air conditioning and refrigeration system maintenance, air conditioning filter must be cleaned (with the duct blowing dust), can not clean up, the maintenance staff will recommend the owner to replace. Dongfeng 4.40 m3 suction sewage truck
Suction sewage truck: battery battery use and maintenance should pay attention to the following seven aspects:
1. Is to check the battery in the bracket on the fixed bolts are tightened, the installation is not strong due to driving vibration caused by damage to the shell;

2. is often check the pole and the connection of the connection is reliable, in order to prevent the oxidation of the wiring can be applied Vaseline and other protective agent;

3. Is not available direct ignition (short circuit test) method to check the battery power, this will cause damage to the battery;

4. Ordinary lead-acid batteries should pay attention to regularly add distilled water;

5. The stomata on the battery cover should remain unobstructed;

6. In the battery pole and cover around the often have yellow and white paste, this is because the sulfuric acid corrosion of the column, line card, fixed frame caused by the resistance of these substances is very large, to clean up in time;

8. When the need for two batteries in series, the battery capacity is the best, otherwise it will affect the battery life.

Check the battery voltage and generator voltage is to determine whether the normal working condition of the two important basis, commonly used tool is the vehicle voltage meter. Detection method is very simple, the two interfaces of the voltmeter are connected to the battery or generator poles, the voltmeter readings is their actual voltage. Take the Mazda 6 sedan as an example, the battery's standard voltage is 13.31V, the generator voltage is 13.85V, which is different from this reading, which means that the battery or generator has a problem.

According to the technical staff, the general maintenance-free battery from the factory to use can be stored for about 10 months, the voltage and capacitance remain unchanged, poor quality in the factory about 3 months voltage and capacitance will begin to decline. Brakes and Tires The brake described here refers to the hand brake system. Detection should be relatively simple. The usual practice is to open the car to a section of the road slopes (slope 15 degrees to 30 degrees), stop, pull the handbrake, the vehicle stabilized, no backward move indicates that the hand brake work properly. If there is no suitable for the detection of the slope, according to the height of the handbrake to determine the use of its state.

Tire test items for tire pressure and whether the wear, cracking and drum package situation

Detection of tire pressure has a special tire pressure. Do not meet the standards, to be appropriate deflation or qi to adjust. Whether the wear, cracking and drums are observed from the surface of the tire, the latter two cases because the characteristics of the more obvious relatively easy to find, wear conditions are based on tires on the tread wear indicator to judge.

As an intuitive mark of the tread condition, the tread wear indicator is molded at the bottom of the tread groove and traversed with a tread width of 13 mm. When the tire wears to the wear indicating mark, the tread depth is 1 .6mm, then the tire should be replaced, otherwise the tire will slip, resulting in driving danger.