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How to maintain PTO of flatbed wrecker truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-05

Flatbed wrecker truck power take off from the main transmission mechanism connecting mechanism, operating mechanism of three parts. PTO is generally connected to the drive shaft or directly connected with the gear pump, wrecker PTO and the gear pump is connected; take power transmission unit by the oil pump, power take off, pull the flexible shaft is formed. Principle wrecker hydraulic actuators is a rear PTO engagement, oil pump, the hydraulic oil into the multi-valve. Wrecker traction systems, hydraulic fluid to drive the hydraulic motor driven winch. When the hydraulic motor work, hydraulic winch handle in & ldquo; neutral & rdquo; position, you can take the initiative to put the rope, hydraulic winch handle into & ldquo; closed & rdquo; the position where the towing vehicle or hide rope. After a plurality of control valve handle, you can hold a variety of actions. Note: When the wrecker traveling PTO gear in the PTO should disengage the pump does not work.
Often used wrecker customers have the experience, power take off arrangement, failure is the most common operating mechanism, which uses electromagnetic switching valve manifold ways. Solenoid valve control PTO steering cylinder, thereby completing the power take off gear and Guadang work. During the uninstall process solenoid valve to frequent moves, its components fail easily damaged, so should always check the validity of the solenoid valve, sensitivity, safety circuit and a switch circuit if all goes well, you should also check the operation of the power take-cylinder with all ventilation or air leaks, but also to dismantle the power take-cylinder inspection when necessary. Transmission mechanism and the connecting mechanism should also be regular maintenance and upkeep. When bad gear transmission mechanism, fork and push rod connecting bolts loose, there will be abnormal sound, check all parts fastening bolts, bearing in mind the view lubricating case, clean the dirt and keep the parts clean, intact, to prevent the bump , scratch. In addition, the liner should always check the coupling between the pump and power take off, if not solid, broken off, fracture, should be replaced. Flatbed wrecker PTO care and maintenance should be started from the above aspects.
Currently, the wrecker truck (rescue vehicles) , trailers, fire engines, garbage trucks, cement mixers, and other special vehicles need extra power is through PTO acquired PTO is mounted on the outside of the gearbox attached means it gets power from a gear box. The power is turned on or off by a solenoid to control the cutting of the cab. Pump driven by the power take off for road rescue vehicles to drive pumps for fire engines to drive compressors for refrigeration car, driven by a hydraulic motor rotating mixing tank, etc., a series of operations. PTO has been widely applied to all kinds of special vehicles, therefore, understand the power take care of certain skills is necessary.