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How to keep fire truck safe travel in winter rain and snow weather

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-24

Recently, many areas have snow weather, ice-paved road to the serious inconvenience to travel, as a family of fire engines how safe driving it? Small series with you to share the recipe.
1, the speed of fire truck to be down, to maintain speed below 40 km, try to take a straight line, not free to change lanes, not overtaking. If the rut has not yet frozen, along the front rutting safer, see the rut has been frozen, the wheels ride on the slow forward.
2, the snow slippery, as little as possible to step on the brakes, even if the step should be gently step on, plus the gas door should be gently added, to maintain uniform driving, should not Meng fierce throttle brakes.
3, in the process of running water tank fire engines, vehicles to maintain a safe distance between the distance of at least 10 meters, to prevent rear-end collision.
4, do not move aside, do not arbitrarily chaos parking, traffic and parking to avoid the water of the road, the safest way is to travel in the rut.
How to do a safe driving in the snow weather
5, in order to avoid inertia so that the car out of control, do not step in the corners of the brakes, in case of corners, in advance to take measures to control the speed, slow down the speed. Holding the steering wheel in both hands, the operation is slow and steady.
6, less foot brake, multi-purpose manual braking, if you encounter an emergency situation, you can immediately forced to low-grade, so that the car slow down, increase the forward resistance.
7, the tire gas part of the release, you can increase the vehicle with snow in the contact area, increase friction.
8, snowy weather, snow-stained tires can easily freeze on the ground, if put a cardboard or wood can solve this problem.
Fire engine manufacturers to remind you: driving a fire truck travel, we must pay attention to safety.