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How to extend the life of the school bus drive recorder methods and procedures

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-19

With the improvement of living standards, the safety of children, the country has attached great importance to, and the use of a special school bus for young children, and the growing number of school bus ownership, driving recorder installation has become a vehicle School bus safety essential weapon. At this time how we maintain the drive recorder has become a problem, give you a brief introduction today, some of the school bus to install the traffic recorder how to extend the service life, hoping to help everyone.
How to extend the service life of the car recorder installed in the school bus:

1. Traffic recorder mirror protection
Mirror is the driving recorder is one of the most important protection of the site. When you are driving, be sure to pay attention to the mirror of the driving recorder is clean, for children is definitely a must for the safety of goods, traffic recorder mirror once damaged, the record must not clear, this may lead to no truth reduction? We should first of the dust on the mirror first to use the ball to wash the ear ball a few times, and then gently swept with a mirror brush, and finally wipe the mirror to clean the paper, do not wipe when the circle rub, but should be directly from the mirror side Wipe straight to the other side, and then repeat this action again until the mirror is clean.
Proper use of batteries
The current recorder is generally used lithium-ion battery, the battery should be stored in a dry, cool environment, and try to avoid the battery and the general metal objects stored together to prevent the occurrence of short-circuit the battery; may also lead to battery power "Drain" In order to avoid the problem of electricity loss, we must pay attention to maintaining the battery at both ends of the contact points and the battery inside the lid clean. If the battery surface is dirty, we must promptly use a soft, clean dry cloth gently wipe the surface of the battery to keep the battery clean, so as to make your battery power lasting, worry-free backup!

Protection of high humidity:
Driving recorder if the humidity in the larger environment, it is likely to cause circuit failure, and easy to make the recorder mirror moldy, Mirror inside the mold may sometimes cause damage to the image, more seriously, When the air humidity is bigger, the head wear will be faster, a direct impact on the service life of the recorder.
Smoke: driving recorder should work in a clean environment, this can reduce the dust pollution, in the smoke of the occasion, smoke will fall into the machine's mirror and thus directly affect the clarity of shooting images, fall into the body gap Of the dust particles is very difficult to remove, and falls on the head or tape dust like sand-like damage to the head and tape, in addition to lead to the use of process monitoring, but also lead to the prevention and reduction of road traffic accidents, affecting the safety of young children.

It can record the status of school bus, the status of the driver, and the information captured by the camera inside the vehicle. If the accident occurs in the vehicle, the local transportation management department can retrieve the information of the vehicle. Understand the causes of vehicle accidents. So is its long life and more use of child safety issues.